"(…) aquel que besa una alegría en vuelo vive en la eternidad de la aurora". William Blake

Gold and silver door


If I were bird, I’d look for your window,
If I were tiger, I’d take care of your door,
If I were insect, I’d dwell your bedroom,
If I were horse, I’d walk and run your road.

Nevertheless, I’d prefer to be butterfly,
dragon, phoenix, centaur, unicorn, firefly.
In that way, I might deserve
the pleasure of knowing the temple where you live…

Nowadays and maybe forever,
I’ll play the role of a man,
a slave of life, love and freedom.

Your eyes will become my existence light;
death could only greet me with glorious hands
if I live under Sun and Moon’s date;
if I live dreaming on meeting again
to join our heart, soul and fire.

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